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My advice is they raise prices so supply meets demand and they can hire more staff. Austin, TX driving schools | Find driving schools in Austin, TXGet Phone Numbers, Address, Reviews, Photos, Maps for driving schools near me in Austin, TX. {{/if}} Read more They obviously doesn't understand the concept of customer service or running a business. ""Tone, sonny boy, it's all about tone, and you lost it when you started to drive.". I would pay a competitor more to not have to work with them when it is time for our second son to drive. 512-280-4499. I have also filed a complaint w/ the Texas Attorney General and the Be tter Bu siness Bu reau. She demonstrated erratic behavior and I am not sure she is suited to work with teens. 0 isn't an option. They are also not very patient and understanding of kids who have never driven before. {{if email}} Anyways a week later that same young girl (like19 years old) called and said they had a cancellation and did we want it?

How to get Will NEVER recommend this company EVER. 2300 Lohmans Spur. 7113 Burnet Rd. Go. Radius: KM I cannot itterate just how terrible these people are.
If you find an alternative, take it -- unless you have lots of time and energy to devote to this. We have had an excellent experience with this business.Getting a drive time is hassle free and we have also been called by the school to schedule times. The center is conveniently located 3 blocks south of Anderson Lane next to the infamous Kolache Shoppe behind the Local Post Pub. It seems as if they are taking advantage of the fact that they are the ""only game in town"". A+. Nobody shows up. The manager Mr Varnell is rude and NOT helpful in anyway. It is all about "tone", and as a parent, you lost it when they turned 12.Imagine entrusting a 2-ton weapon to a child whose brain is not fully developed ... would you really want to rely on passing on your own bad driving skills to a kid who is going to be talking on a cell phone and using i-tunes while they drive no matter how many times you say "Mwuaaa Whaa Mwuah Mwaa"?We like knowing that our kids learned to drive from someone else.


From: Search Location 7113 Burnet Rd. Driving Lessons in Burnet on YP.com. This is the worst school in Austin. $360. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL. They always had plenty of openings. Home.
That's the only convenience and you pay dearly with inconveniences afterward. Very friendly staff and instructors. I have had the same experience as the other 1 star ratings. How funny it could be when you will find someone taking your information, says I will call you back, and you don't hear anything after one week? The 3rd day out driving, they were taking the kids on I-35!!!
Our first child went to Longhorn Driving School in Cedar Park and we had a less than wonderful experience. Once you get to the driving portion you get to call once a week at 3 PM, Thurs only! 512-280-4499. I called them to setup a schedule, waited one week for their call and called them again. If by some miracles you get through while appointments are available they do nothing for behind the wheel but evaluate how well you taught your child to drive, what am I paying THEM for?! You are better off teaching your own kid or finding another driving school. I discovered that it was contracted from the driving school when the office person admitted to having the exact same illness but tried convincing me that it wasn't contagious- yeah right. During the most recent driving time, the instructor (Kris/Chris?) It is more than just a joke - it is an abomination. #asl-storelocator.asl-p-cont .Status_filter .onoffswitch-inner::after{content: "CLOSE" !important} They get their schedule on Mondays.

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